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Business and After Hour Appointments $45.
No extra cost for After hour Appointments!

DoctorCAM is the telehealth service of choice for people with busy lifestyle & those living in remote communities who need to see a G.P face to face.

Book online doctors for a video consultation

Have you missed half day at work because you need to go to a 20-minute doctor appointment?

Or perhaps you want to minimize your exposure to COVID-19 but you need medical advice?

A quick video consultation with a registered online doctor in Australia can be the ideal solution for you.

Telehealth has become extremely popular in Australia with more than 4.5 million online medical consultations in the first three quarters of 2020.

Local Australian doctors, who fit into your busy life

DoctorCAM has a team of GPs and doctor specialists who are qualified to provide you medical advice.

We are trained in telehealth , to ensure the delivery of the highest quality of medical assessment and treatment to the Australian community.

Plus, you can choose G.P based on your preferred date and time.

What are people saying about DoctorCAM?


DoctorCAM was a fast process, I was able to get the information and prescriptions that I needed and it didn’t cost a lot!

4 September, 9:00 am



4 September, 3:15 pm


It was very helpful and convenient.

5 September, 8:00 am


Best medical experience ever. Very realistic and sensible. I’ve worked in hospitals for over 20 years and today was the best service.

7 September, 2:45 pm


Dr Matt is a very caring physician and ensures I am safe and getting the correct treatment for my on going condition.

7 September, 5:45 pm


I am beyond impressed with this service. The time was so convenient, the doctor was online when I arrived on video and was absolutely lovely and professional. Thank you.

1 August, 7:00 pm


Yes it was so easy to book and the GP was so helpful

28 July, 5:30 pm


Easy to use, great service, friendly.

28 July, 12:30 pm


Good service when you can’t get into a GP.


27 July, 9:15 pm


Excellent service. Convenient and easy to get an appointment. Highly recommend.

26 July, 4:30 pm


“It was easy to book and it was refreshing to have a doctor who was very much into traditional methods of care.”

2 July, 11:30 am


“Fantastic Doctor! Actually cared to ask the right questions and give advice By far the best Doctor I’ve had contact with.”

2 July, 9:00 am

See a doctor, get online prescriptions, or obtain a medical certificate now!

Business and After Hour Appointments $45. No extra cost for After hour Appointments!

Online Doctor FAQs

According to the International Organisation for Standardisation, telehealth refers to the ‘use of telecommunication techniques for the purpose of providing telemedicine, medical education, and health education over a distance.

To put it simply, telehealth allows you to seek online medical consultation with a health professional using your smartphone, tablet, or home computer.

DoctorCAM is a telehealth platform where you can find an Australian G.P. so you can get medical advice without leaving the comforts of your home.

Yes, Doctors that are available on DoctorCAM are fully qualified to practice medicine and Registered with the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency – AHPRA.

The cost of booking online consultation with a Virtual GP vary, depending on your health condition and available GP. As a rough guide an appointment with an online doctor start at:

Business Hours: 8 am –6 pm -$ 45
After Hours: 6 pm –10 pm -$ 45

Yes, online doctors can prescribe medication through DoctorCAM.

Your telehealth GP will send you a digital copy of your prescription, which you can present to your local chemist when you need to buy your medicines.

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