How Does Telehealth Work?

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We made the steps simply and easy!
DoctorCAM is a telehealth platform that uses advanced technology to help you connect with the best Australian doctors you can trust.

How It Works

Step 1

Schedule an appointment

For busy people or remote communities, our platform makes it easy to connect with a GP online at a time that works with your schedule.

Step 2

Use our platform to chat with a licensed doctor

Get quality medical advice from your phone or computer. It’s fast and easy to use and start speaking to a doctor to get online diagnosis and treatment.

Step 3

Get online doctor prescription or medical certificate

We can send you a digital copy of your prescription that you can present to your local chemist. You can also request an electronic copy of your medical certificate that you can forward to your HR.

Benefits of Telehealth Over Face to Face Consultation

  • Telehealth platforms like DoctorCAM helps Australia to overcome problems to quality health services caused by distance between provider and patient, mobility restrictions due to pandemic, and lack of available doctors.
  • For people living in the city and are really busy at work, telemedicine provides faster access to quality care.
  • Using your smartphone or computer, you can schedule a doctor consultation in less than 15 minutes.
  • For rural communities, people can speak to a doctor even if they are not in the same state.
  • Is telehealth better than traditional consultation? Not at all. Telehealth should support face to face consultation and not designed as an absolute replacement.
  • DoctorCAM GPs can continue to take care of their patients in person while still offering the convenience and flexibility of seeing patients online for follow up visits, prescription refill, or referrals when needed.

We Protect Your Privacy Online

DoctorCAM highly respects your privacy and is fully compliant with existing data privacy laws in Australia.

Our Privacy Policy describes how your medical information can be used and disclosed and how you can gain access to this data.