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Waiting in line for a doctor’s appointment seems forever. Even if you called ahead to reserve a date and time, you still end up waiting a considerable amount of time. And of course, with the new normal, it can be risky to go outside. For men with busy lifestyles who do not want to wait, DoctorCAM is an ideal telehealth service of choice.

Common Men’s Health Conditions in Australia

While research have suggested that Australian men are healthier compared with men from other countries, many are still burdened by chronic diseases such as:

Most men delay getting medical advice, mainly because of work priorities. But with DoctorCAM, it is easier to consult a qualified online GP in Australia.

Aside from chronic conditions, our online doctors can help you with the following:

Men’s Health Online Doctor: How It Works

DoctorCAM offers an online consultation service where you can get quality medical advice from a qualified GP from the comforts of your home.

Instead of going out and spending hours just to see a doctor, all you need to do is to use your smartphone, tablet or your computer to book an online consultation with your GP.

During your online chat with your doctor, you can safely share your medical concerns and receive professional information on what to do to get relief.

Our doctors can also issue a medical certificate or online prescription if needed.

Men’s Health Diagnosis by Online Doctor

Doctors are allowed to provide you a proper diagnosis online.

We are trained in telehealth to ensure the delivery of the highest quality of medical assessment and treatment to the Australian community.

Your doctor may advise you to visit a clinic or a lab if you need to undergo a certain medical exam or confirm a diagnosis.