DoctorCAM is a Local Specialist Provider of Telehealth Services

Business and After Hour Appointments $45.
No extra cost for After hour Appointments!

Finally, you don’t need to spend hours seeking medical advice. With DoctorCAM, you can now use your smartphone or computer to find and connect with an online doctor to consult regarding any health condition.

Video Consultations

Our virtual G.P. service is perfect for busy people with busy lifestyles or living in& remote communities.

Use our telehealth services platform to get treatment for common health conditions in Australia such as headache, asthma, skin rashes, hypertension, and many more.


Our GPs can provide you general medical advice and first line treatment for common health conditions. If our online doctors think you need further consultation with a Specialist , we will help you with an online referral as well.

Medical Certificates

Now you can get an online medical certificate in minutes Upon conducting an online consultation, you will be sent an online medical certificate.


If your online doctor prescribed you with a medication, our platform would send you a digital copy of your prescription. You can present these prescription to your local chemist to immediately start your treatment.

Telehealth for Business

DoctorCAM is the perfect partner for your employee healthcare program. With our platform, you can easily give your employees access to virtual GPs.