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DoctorCAM can provide Referrals for Pathology, Radiology & Medical Specialists

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Get a Referral From an Online Specialist General Practitioner

A medical referral letter is a note from your GP to a specialist doctor that you have never consulted before. This note contains the reason why you need to consult the specialist as well as your relevant medical records.

Before you can see a specialist doctor, you first need to see a GP in person. But thanks to telehealth platform, you can easily consult an online GP to assess your condition and refer you to specialists if necessary

Online Referrals for Pathology

Are you looking for a referral for bloodwork to confirm your diagnosis?

DoctorCAM allows you to talk to a Specialist GP online so you can get an appropriate referral for Pathology Testing

Easy Online Referrals for Radiology

Do you need a referral for x-ray or ultrasound to confirm diagnosis?

DoctorCAM allows you to consult a specialist GP online so you can be referred for Radiology Tests i.e X-rays, Ultrasound, CT Scans, MRI scans, Mammograms etc.

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