Book a Video Consultation with a Doctor

Our Virtual GP Services are Perfect for Busy People & Remote Communities

It has never been easier to seek medical advice online. DoctorCAM offers Telehealth GP services to all Australians. By using your smartphone or computer, you can quickly speak to one of our licensed virtual GP’s. You can book an online doctor consultation for the following health conditions:

General Practice

Our online GPs can provide you general advice for Asthma, Diabetes, Hypertension, Lung Conditions, Arthritis, Back problems, Osteoporosis, Kidney Disease, Mental Health & Behavioural Conditions, Kids Health, Skin Conditions and much more

Chronic Health Conditions

Speak to an online doctor to get online treatment for Asthma , Diabetes , Hypertension , lung conditions , Arthritis , Back problems , Osteoporosis , Kidney Disease , Mental Health & Behavioural Conditions and much more

Women’s Health

Talk to our virtual GPs to discuss oral contraceptives, UTI, sexual health and more.

Men’s Health

Schedule a chart with an online doctor to talk about sexual health, erectile dysfunction, prostate issues, and more.